Very high quality of raw materials

Our team of experts selects only the highest quality diamonds and precious stones to then be mounted on our items by master goldsmiths and setters.

We do not deal with gold carats of less than 18kt nor do we deal with laminated items. Our customers deserve only the highest quality raw materials.

Refinement and Style

YOU are special and unique, why settle for a mass produced item?
When we create our articles we think about who will have to wear them, thanks to this we can boast a varied collection and articles suitable for any personality and character. A jewel is the extension of ourselves, and this is what we make.

Experience and Professionalism

Over three generations of lovers of beauty and maniacs of perfectionism. 

Not being retailers, the knowledge of raw materials, production techniques and "tricks of the trade" are a must, the whole Tobacco Gioielli Team has this in its DNA.

Attention to the customer

The purchase, whether it is made online or at our physical location, must be a pleasant, satisfying and exciting experience.
The sale of an object for us is not the end of our work, but the beginning. If Tabacco Gioielli does not become the reference point for jewelry after making a purchase, our goal is to be considered failed.

Our customers are people, not numbers.

We offer free returns on non-personalized items, the ability to customize or create items on request.

Tabacco Gioielli is not a jewelry, Tabacco Gioielli is your trusted partner in the jewelry sector