Personalized Necklace

Personalised necklace with name, made of yellow or white gold.

Make your gift unique and personal with the personalised necklace with name.

Our items are made entirely of 18kt gold and are absolutely not rolled.

Personalise with your name or give a personalised 18kt gold necklace as a gift. Available in white or yellow gold and with the option of having a diamond at the end of the name to make the item even more unique and elegant.

You can choose to have your name, your child's name, or any text you like. Great fashionable and inexpensive gift idea.

The 18kt gold name necklaces offered by Tabacco Gioielli boast the most competitive price on the market despite being made entirely of 18kt gold and not rolled.

Personalised Name Necklace in Promotion on Tabacco Jewellery
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