Gold Bars

Personalized 18kt gold Baptism bars with engraving, wedding or event witness gift

Giving an ingot is always a great gift idea, but if you add a laser-engraved dedication to it, the gift gains so much value.

A dedication underscores how much that gift was specially designed for the recipient, enhancing its importance and wringing out some extra emotion.

Tabacco Jewelry offers a selection of Ingots strictly in 18kt gold or 750/000 ideal as a personal investment or gift.

Gifting an Ingot is easy and safe, if requested we ship directly to the recipient in gift packaging.

How much does a gold bar cost? It depends on the pure gold price, but Tabacco Gioielli always offers the best price in Italy.

18kt gold bars are not subject to additional taxation when sold as they are not considered investment gold like pure gold bars (24kt) thus maximizing their value over time.

18kts Certified Gold Bars
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