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Tabacco Gioielli offers a huge selection of UnoAERRE wedding rings in stock and at discounted prices with free shipping and engraving.
All UNOAERRE wedding rings are shipped with an original case and are recognisable by their trademark (1AR) and their logo on the inside. All items are made in Italy.

We sell wedding rings both individually and in pairs, in order to offer maximum freedom of sceglt to our customers, it is possible to choose two different models per single purchase, because many prefer to have different models.

All Unoaerre wedding rings are solid gold and not hollow, a very important factor for the durability of the ring; an empty ring crushes very easily and is absolutely unsuitable for daily use. We also only and exclusively deal in 18kt gold rings regardless of the colour of the gold, so they can be either rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or mixed.

We offer free engraving, using state-of-the-art laser engraving technology with elegant cursive font, or in some cases in block letters to be legible, the font used can be seen in the photos within the article. We recommend the use of "." as a date separator (Example: 20.10.2020)

Need some advice on engravings ?

Consult the RING MEASURE TABLE to be sure of the ring sizes to buy. We use ITALIAN STANDARD MEASURE

Need help understanding the difference between the various models ? Or watch this short VIDEO where we explain the differences

Do you have problems or doubts with your ring size? Contact us, we are always available to help you.

What happens if I buy the wrong size? Here you will find all the information you need to know what happens if you buy the wrong size. Read the information in this ARTICLE

In this short video we explain the difference between the various models of faith

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