The UNOAERRE wedding rings , with the different models available, meet the needs and tastes of everyone, from the CLASSIC , with simple design to the most particular ones such as CIRCLES OF LIGHT or COMFORTABLE .

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The difference between classic faith and comfortable faith is mainly inside, because the comfortable compared to the classic has a rounded interior and therefore the feeling of wearing an object "soft".
From an aesthetic point of view, the comfort will be more harmonious when worn, because it appears slightly raised compared to the classic.

Both classic and comfortable wedding rings can be engraved, especially thanks to the latest laser technology machines in our possession.

We sell unoaerre wedding rings individually and not in pairs, this is because depending on the size of the finger or hand, different models are often sold. Take for example a woman with a small hand and size 10, and a man with a large hand and finger size 30. Wearing both 3mm rings, the one in the man's hand will seem more subtle compared to the woman, for this reason often the man will choose a 4mm or 5mm to have a faith more proportionate to his hand.

But why is faith used as a symbol of marriage ?

The Egyptians used rings to show their social class , the richest used rings with beetles and hieroglyphics, as well as the Romans who by law had established that only free citizens could wear gold rings, those of slaves freed from silver while slaves only iron.

An ancient pagan custom, however, can provide an answer to the question: during the pagan wedding rite it was used to draw a circle around future spouses as a sign of good omen.

The first to use a ring as a promise of love were the barbarians , but the use of gold as a material is due to the Christian influence for which this metal is a symbol of eternity .

Discover the classic or comfortable UNOAERRE wedding rings

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