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Gold Lucky Charms can be chosen in the size you most desire.
The subjects in this showcase of Lucky Charms are the classics, if you would like any in particular please feel free to send us your request on Whatsapp.
The Little Fisted Hand or Pussy pendant in gold is considered as good luck and good luck charm. This pendant is also called the Higa hand pendant, a word of Spanish etymology, since its origins can be attributed to the nation of Brazil, it is in fact the ultimate Brazilian good luck charm.
Then we find the lucky charm Manina making horns gift considered as a gesture of good luck and elimination of evil.
The Gold Horn Pendant has been considered auspicious since Neolithic times because of its phallic shape, making it an emblem of fertility, virility and physical strength.
The Good Luck Charms can be worn right away thanks to the fabric lanyard you find free in the package, or it can be paired with a gold chain.
Each Lucky Charms pendant for sale on Tabacco Jewelry is delivered with jewelry box and certificate.

Luck charms in 18kt gold.

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