We often return to the question of what love is.
It turns out to describe a feeling celebrated by countless songs, poems, novels and immortal literature. But then in the end, when you think about it... Maybe it really is love that moves the world.
Love is such a simple feeling: it is that warmth you feel in an embrace, whether it is between a man and a woman, whether it is between a parent and a child, whether it is between two men, two women.
Love is an embrace that manages to bind together even "differences," it is the warmth that binds people together.
Celebrate love for your loved one by giving him or her a pendant that best expresses your feelings for him or her.
Purchase a Tabacco jewelry piece to celebrate your love!
Each pendant is shipped with a cotton cord, and packaged in a gift box, with certification attached.

Love pendants in 18kt gold.

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