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In addition to our stones, our selection of blister diamonds includes investment diamonds certified by authoritative bodies such as IGI and GIA. Our pricing policy of the same treatment at both wholesale and retail allows you to buy certified diamonds at unprecedented prices.

Certified Diamonds are an excellent personal investment and a safe haven asset as well as a great gift idea. We deal only and exclusively in natural diamonds.

The blistered diamond is always shipped in excellent, elegant gift packaging of the highest impact. Gifting a certified blister diamond is an excellent gift idea for any occasion, free from the embarrassment of choice and taste, has a strong impact and is an excellent investment. Compared to sterling or gold bullion, which always remains a sound investment, diamonds have historically always risen, however slightly, and never depreciated. Since diamonds are not a publicly traded security, they are not affected by the sharp downturns in a crisis as gold is.

Tabacco Jewelry deals only and exclusively in Natural Diamonds, all our suppliers are certified " Conflict Free Diamonds" meaning that no rough diamonds from which they come have been mined in conflict zones.

We select only the highest quality diamonds, in the certificate found online you can also see details such as:

-Certificate Number

-Diamond Cut




You can also choose the stone(s) of your choice, a setting from our solitaire or trilogy and we will assemble it with the diamonds of your choice. Contact our customer support via whatsapp for advice and quotes.

Have you tried the COMPARE function on our website? To make it easier to choose and compare different products, this function comes in very handy, especially for certified diamonds. Click the COMPARE button on the 3 or 4 stones you are most interested in, you will find at the bottom right the option to compare their characteristics, making it easy to compare one stone to another without having to navigate through several pages of the site.

Do you want to buy consciously? Tabacco Jewelry's main goal is total customer satisfaction, which is also why we have created a series of content to explain the characteristics of diamonds. If this is your first time buying a certified natural diamond, we suggest you follow our short tutorials so you can better understand what the color scale is and how it works, the clarity scale, and what details form the price of the diamond.

watch the video and subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date. Would you rather read some articles?

In this short article HERE we explain based on what characteristics a diamond's value is calculated.

Have you always wondered too what the difference is between a Diamond and a Brilliant? Read THIS ARTICLE to have your question answered.

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