What if I buy a wedding ring but the size does not fit as it should?

Tabacco Jewelry always has full customer satisfaction as its main goal.

For this reason we explain the possible scenarios and therefore the possible solutions in case of purchasing wrong size.

We start from the premise that our goal is to ship perfect and ready-made items, which is why we always recommend having someone experienced in the field take measurements. So go to any jewelry store to find out the correct size before purchasing your wedding rings.

There are two possible scenarios of measurement error:

1) Purchase of wedding bands without engravings at the wrong size.

2) Purchase of rings with engraving at the wrong size.

In case you have purchased the wedding rings and they are not engraved, simply log into your account, click on PRODUCT RETURN and open the replacement file. One of our staff members will contact you and explain how to proceed.

Of course, even here it is essential that you go to some store to find out the exact size, because the first return is free, but if even the second time the size is wrong, you will be charged shipping costs to proceed with a subsequent return.

In case your wedding rings have been engraved, just contact us via whatsapp, email or phone and one of our operators will provide support.

We ask for a reimbursement of expenses incurred to be able to: Send you the courier to pick up, widen/tighten and send back to your address.

The costs are as follows:

-Ask a quotation for shipping expences (approximately 50 euros in Europe)

-25 euro per faith for modification (if yellow gold)

-30 euro per wedding ring for modification (if white gold or with white gold parts)

And if, on the other hand, you had purchased the wedding rings without engravings, but would like to add them later even if the size is correct, we think about that too!

It will always be our pleasure to offer you the engravings, you will only be asked for a reimbursement of expenses incurred for shipping, i.e. 25 euros each way

Always remember that the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger, and that there is always a difference in measurements between the right and left hand!

For any doubts or information, please contact us without hesitation

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